Let Us Support You With Your Tax Return

We have a great highly skilled and passionate team of accountants at Rethink that are extremely eager to help you minimise your tax, get you the tax return you are entitled to and look for any potential new tax opportunities that you might not be aware of.

If you would like to meet with one of our skilled and passionate accountants to have your tax return completed please contact our office to book a face to face.  Alternatively, we understand how important your time is to you and we have created a facility for you to submit your tax return information to us online, see the below ‘Submit Your Tax Information Online’ section.  If you have any questions please phone our office: 02 4962 4440.

***If you own shares or managed funds then we recommend you book your appointment from the last week of August onwards to ensure that you have received all of your investment tax statements.

Submit Your Tax Information Online

We understand how important your time is to you and want to support you to have more time to do the things you love, so we’ve created an online tool for you to submit your tax to us for processing, see below.

Tax return prices (below quoted rates are a starting price and may vary):

  • Individual Tax Return (Simple) $160 (+ GST)
  • Individual Tax Return (Complex) $300 (+ GST)
  • Couple Tax Return (Simple) $300 (+ GST)
  • Couple Tax Return (Complex) $600 (+ GST)
Submit Your Tax Return Online

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