Steve May Joins The Rethink Family

Experienced Financial Planner Steve May, joins the Rethink Financial Group family. Steve’s role is Senior Financial Planner and Head of Rethink Financial Planning. Steve has been specifically chosen to grow Rethink’s financial planning division and support the recent increase in business clients that are being attracted to the Rethink group.

Steve brings with him a wealth of experience and skills. He not only supports financial planning clients with a wide range of needs and goals from: wealth creation, retirement planning, redundancy to personal risk protection and more, but he has strong business skills to share with clients.  Steve has 11 years’ experience in running his own business. He started his own financial services firm, managed that business and grew it to be a highly successful financial planning accounting and mortgage broking company.

At the beginning of 2015 Rethink expanded their service offering to also include: accounting, law and personal development/life and business coaching. With the introduction of these new services, which traditionally tend to appeal to business clients, Rethink has seen a significant increase in the number of business clients being attracted to the company. Their recent annual client survey reported that in the last couple of years, 34% of new clients to the business were business owners themselves.

Little Big Boss, Cassandra Kavanagh says, ‘since introducing the new professions into the business to create a multi-service company, we’ve become really skilled at supporting business clients from an accounting, legal and coaching perspective. We felt it was time to expand that business support to financial planning clients. Steve is the perfect fit to do that from a skill set point of view, but also culturally. Steve is highly aligned to Rethink’s values and embraces the personal goal focus style of financial advice that we provide to clients.’

Rethink’s recent client survey also revealed that the equal top priority for small business owners when choosing a professional service provider is understanding and cultural fit. 40% of respondents said: ‘I wanted to find a company that got me, shared my beliefs and that I felt aligned to.’

Steve shares that he’s ‘extremely excited for the future. It’s great to be part of such a positive and energetic team and live out my vision of helping create a truly integrated professional multi-service business, that puts the client at the centre of everything we do’.

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