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The Dreamcatcher’s story

Melinda Melgar, Dreamcatch at Rethink Financial Group

I LOVE my title. I know a title is only that – a title, but I remember driving home from my interview with Cass and Rich and saying the title out loud. It spoke to me of someone that was there to capture your wildest dreams. Someone that could help gain clarity around what those wildest dreams actually meant and maybe even someone who could support with making those dreams a reality.

I now do exactly that and on a daily basis – and what a joy it is. I get to work with people as their personal relationship manager and coach. I am able to support them to articulate their wildest aspirations and dreams and to help them put plans in place to achieve those dreams.

The Dreamcatcher is not a title you expect to see or hear of in the corporate world of finance. That was an enormous part of the appeal this title had for me, that it broke the traditional mold. This title injected creative life into what I considered could be a very dull or even boring industry. Pre D.C (pre Dreamcatcher) or in my ‘previous life’ I had existed in that process driven industry as a Licenced Conveyancer.  A few times throughout my 21 year career I had arrived at a point of frustration that my chosen profession was not giving me the creative satisfaction I was craving. I truly loved working with clients and being a part of their journey and being able to give them a positive and enjoyable experience of buying or selling property, but somehow it just wasn’t completely fulfilling for me personally.

Over the years I was drawn to all types of personal development. I had read books and attended seminars of mentors such as Louise Hay, Wayne Dyer, Mark Victor Hansen, Anthony Robbins and Marianne Williamson. Reading these books and taking part in these courses reminded me that my career was not giving me the joy and fulfilment I was seeking. I also felt that I wasn’t utilising my skills the way they were intended. I just wasn’t quite sure of what it exactly was that my skills were intended for.  Through expanding on my knowledge and learning more about myself, I learnt that I receive the most joy when I am assisting others.

As a little girl I was a HUGE dreamer. I always had an aspiration that I was destined for something bigger than myself. It wasn’t in a fame or stardom way, it felt to me that my journey was a small piece of a bigger picture. I remember writing “to do” lists from a very young age (maybe 5 or 6 years old) and having a deep sense of accomplishment as only a 5 year old can when checking off “combing all of my barbies hair and having each doll dressed and ready for play” from the list. Even then I knew that realising a goal made me feel like I could achieve almost anything and it was completely empowering.

One of the cool things I get to experience every day working at Rethink (other than working alongside such wonderful like-minded mentors and colleagues) is being a witness to other people’s lives – sharing in their goals and aspirations and sharing in their journey and their wisdom. Seeing our clients realise a goal and ticking it off their “to do” gives me a deep sense of gratification.

I truly adore that in a corporate financial environment, that Rethink encourages and supports me to sit in a space of coming from love in all I do in my role.  Love and respect have always been two values I carry throughout my personal and business life. I also support and wholeheartedly live by Rethink’s mantra, which is to inspire and support change in people’s lives. This includes taking the time to sit with each client and hear THEIR story. To understand our clients and their aspirations. This enables me to get to the heart of what our clients really want and to provide them with the tools to challenge their mindset, and to empower them to live a life they truly desire.

Rethink your possibilities.

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Rethink your possibilities.